Our pilot project in Edinburgh is now complete but you can find out more about what we did and you can still contribute to our Quality of Life maps. We have a comprehensive selection of publications from our project that you can access.

Put down some digital pins about places you love in Edinburgh

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Welcome to our Edinburgh neighbourhood

This project is to find out what you think will make your voice more effective to engage and steer development in your Edinburgh neighbourhood. We’re exploring how both digital and online platforms can reach more people especially those who’ve been excluded in the past. 

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Tell us about Your Edinburgh Neighbourhood

We need your help not just telling us what’s important in your neighbourhood, but where and why. Go to our Quality of Life maps. Show us what’s vital and a real asset to your neighbourhood. Tell us  how well you think the consultation process works.

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Access our publications and reports

Along with Community Consultation and Quality of Life, we are producing a series of reports, academic papers, guidance and a code of practice for community engagement. You can access the reports we’ve completed through this link

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About the Project and our Partners

We’re a Four Nations project called Community Consultation and Quality of Life. Our partners in Edinburgh include Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations’ Council, The City of Edinburgh Council and The Scottish Government. In Scotland we are proudly hosted by the University of Edinburgh.

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About us and your privacy

#ourEdinburghneighbourhood is a project undertaken by the University of Edinburgh. We do not collect any personal details on this website. We do display external links to email and website that do collect personal information. >more information

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Edinburgh Local

The University is working together to make Edinburgh more equal, aspirational andÔÇ»community led. Edinbugh Local is home to information and resources to deliver positive change locally and regionally, to help address global challenges of sustainability and equity.